Top 10 Yugioh Cards

Throughout your opponent's next Standby Part the geared up monster is destroyed, and your opponent loses life points equal to the destroyed monster's ATK. Dark Armed Dragon is the perfect monster on this GoEuro Aktionscode Deck. Nevertheless, if you use Burst Stream of Destruction, Blue-Eyes White Dragon will not have the ability to assault for the rest of the turn.

Then, throughout your opponent's subsequent Standby Phase, the monster outfitted with this card is destroyed. That's the only draw back for Number 39: Utopia, however for those who may negate 2 attacks with a monster that has 2500 ATK, I would not hesitate to place that monster on my side of the field.

Axe Dragonute is a Stage four Dragon-Kind Impact Monster with 2000 ATK and 1200 DEF. When it's Regular or Particular Summoned, you possibly can banish as much as 5 Spell Playing cards in your opponent's Graveyard. The Depraved Avatar's ATK and DEF turns into a hundred factors increased than the monster with the best ATK (excluding another The Wicked Avatar).

This Deck is full of Lightsworn monsters, and getting them to the Graveyard won't be exhausting for this dragon. Any monster with 2000 ATK is a good card, and when it assaults, Axe Dragonute is changed to Defense Place through the end of the Harm Step.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon has no impact, however there are a variety of playing cards that help make Purple-Eyes Black Dragon easier to play and in a position to do extra injury to your opponent. Inferno Hearth Blast is a Spell Card that permits you to inflict damage to your opponent's life factors equal to the unique ATK of 1 Purple-Eyes Black Dragon that you control (2400 harm).

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